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Team Sugarloaf

Team Sugarloaf started in 2012 as a partnership of five non-profit organizations, led by Sonoma Ecology Center, dedicated to the natural resources of Sonoma Valley and to providing access to the natural haven of 3,900 acres provided by Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

Today, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is operated solely by Sonoma Ecology Center. While Sugarloaf is a California State Park, we do not receive operating support from the State. It is our supporters, visitors, and members that keep Sugarloaf Ridge State Park open to the public. If you haven’t already, please consider supporting the park with a donation

The Robert Ferguson Observatory, located at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, is operated by Valley of the Moon Observatory Association.

Partner Organizations

Sonoma Ecology Center

Sonoma Ecology Center

As the leading partner of Team Sugarloaf overseeing general operations, Sonoma Ecology Center is dedicated to protecting the beauty and biodiversity of Sonoma Valley. The center does hands-on restoration, K-12 education, research, and mapping, and also operates the Sonoma Garden Park.

Robert Ferguson Observatory

Robert Ferguson Observatory (RFO)

Operated by Valley of the Moon Observatory Association, RFO is Northern California’s most active public observatory. Located right in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, RFO offers both solar and night sky observing to the public.