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Welcome to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Hiking Galore

Enjoy over 25 miles of trails for every level of hiking ability

Stunning Beauty

Adventure and exploration the entire family will love

Headwaters to Sonoma Creek

Enjoy a stunning waterfall which flows 25 ft. high after winter rains!

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We offer 47 family-sized campsites!

Welcome to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park



Sugarloaf Ridge State Park contains the headwaters of Sonoma Creek. It runs through gorge and canyon, across the meadow floor, beneath scenic rock outcroppings, and is surrounded at times by redwoods and ferns. With 47 family sized campsites and 25 miles of hiking trails, it is the perfect place to spend time outdoors with your family!

Park Conditions

As of 5/12

Spring at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Discover wildflowers, birds, and more on picturesque trails

Spring at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park offers a vibrant display of wildflowers, active birdlife, a mesmerizing waterfall, and graceful butterflies. Though there’s no Super Bloom, the park remains a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. Here are the best trails to experience the enchanting wildflowers and springtime birds:

  1. Easy: Creekside Trail & Meadow Trail – Enjoy a leisurely walk among wildflowers and birds like the Western Bluebird.
  2. Easy/Moderate: Meadow/Hillside Loop – Hike through wildflower-covered hills and valleys, and spot the Oak Titmouse.
  3. Moderate: Vista Loop – Discover an array of wildflowers and watch for the vibrant Anna’s Hummingbird.
  4. Difficult: Bald Mountain Trail & Goodspeed Trail – Encounter diverse wildflowers and bird species like the Acorn Woodpecker.

Pack a picnic, bring your camera and binoculars, and immerse yourself in the captivating scenery and soothing sounds of nature at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.


Camping:  We have 44 campsites open, both reservable in advance and first-come, first-served in our lovely creekside campground. Our glamping sites opened April 1st.


Volunteers play a crucial role at keeping Sugarloaf Ridge State Park open and accessible to all! Help Sugarloaf with trail restoration work by coming to our every-other-Thursday Volunteer Trail Crew. Activities include bridge and step construction, installing signs, clearing, lifting, carrying, and hiking.

Bring gloves, hat, and water that you can carry hands-free (i.e. bring a backpack). Wear long pants, boots or sturdy shoes and sunscreen. Long sleeves are suggested as poison oak is present. We have tools and trained crew leaders with tasks for all. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We will provide tools, and if allowed, lunch.

If you are a current Sugarloaf volunteer, log onto Better Impact to sign up. First-time volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to formally join our volunteer program if they’d like to support us more frequently. Start here to become a volunteer.


Every Saturday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, join us for a 1.4-mile nature hike along the Sonoma Creek. On the hike your leader will teach you about the plants, animals, and aquatic life of Sonoma Creek. This free hike starts outside the Visitor Center. Registration is not required. Parking fees apply.

La vida en el arroyo
Sábado 10 de junio, 3-4:30pm
¿Qué tipo de macroinvertebrados podemos encontrar en el arroyo de Sonoma? El Dr. Dan Levitis nos acompaña en esta exploración de insectos acuáticos. Comenzaremos detrás del centro de visitantes y bajaremos al lecho del arroyo después de aprender acerca de los mayores grupos de insectos que pueden ser encontrados en el arroyo.
Este evento es gratuito en colaboración con la Biblioteca Regional del Valle de Sonoma. Si vives cerca de la biblioteca, visítales o llamales para inscribirte al programa por gratis– ¡incluyendo transporte! Regístrate por adelantado ya que el espacio es limitado. 

Recomendamos vestirse en ropa que pueda mojarse o ensuciarse, calzado adecuado para exploración acuática, traer una gorra o protección solar, al menos un litro de agua, y si deseas, un bocadillo. 

Para más información, manda un correo electrónico a Alma o Arsel por senderos@sonomaecologycenter.org o llama a Alma al 707-247-5767.

Facilidad de acceso: El centro de visitantes de Sugarloaf está rodeado por una plataforma acessible de madera. Hay un espacio designado como acessible para estacionarse frente a la rampa que conecta el estacionamiento con la plataforma. Hay un baño portátil accesible a unos metros de esta rampa. No hay acceso de la plataforma al lecho del arroyo; uno tiene que caminar algunos metros en terreno disparejo. Sin embargo, la plataforma tiene una sección que se extiende con más proximidad al arroyo y que dispone de un área para sentarse. Acomodaciones para personas que necesitan más acceso se pueden hacer al escribir a senderos@sonomaecologycenter.org al menos dos días antes del evento.

Encuentra más oportunidades recreacionales a través del programa Senderos Naturales en ésta página.

ENGLISH: Senderos: Life in the Creek (en español)
Sat, 6/10, 3-4:30pm
What type of macroinvertebrates can we find in Sonoma Creek? Dr Dan Levitis joins us in this exploration of creek insects. We’ll start off at the back deck of the Visitor Center and move down to the creekbed after learning about the major groups of insects that can be found in the creek.

This is a free event in collaboration with Sonoma Valley Regional Library. If you live near the Sonoma Valley Regional Library, visit or call them to sign up– the ride is included! This event  is planned around a primarily Spanish-speaking Latino audience. Families from underrepresented groups are encouraged to attend.

We recommend dressing in clothing and footwear that can get wet/dirty. Bring a hat or sun protection, water, and if desired, a snack.

For more information, write to us at senderos@sonomaecologycenter.org or call Alma at 707-247-5767.

Ease of access: Sugarloaf’s Visit or Center is surrounded by an accessible wooden deck. There is one van-designated parking space in front of the ramp/deck, and an accessible porta-potty a few feet away from the parking spot. There is no access from the deck to the creekbed; one must walk a few feet down on a short dirt path. However, the deck does have a large section that extends closer to the creek with seating area available. Additional accessible accommodations can be made if contacted in advance at senderos@sonomaecologycenter.org.


Do you enjoy a slow walks in a valley, breezes, wildflowers, the sounds of songbirds, the taste of a Douglas Fir needle or a California Bay leaf, the aroma of Tarweed, or watching wild turkeys and California Quail hunt for seeds and insects in the grass? Join California Certified Naturalists Judy Armstrong and Judy Withee for this series of meandering explorations. Each month (weather-permitting) we will explore one or two of our three accessible trails– the Creekside Trail, the Nature Trail, and the Meadow trail. Suitable for all levels and a range of mobility, these Sunday afternoon adventures will accommodate young children, parents with babies in strollers, and people using walkers or wheelchairs as well as those who just enjoy slow walks in nature that stimulate the five senses.

Our June program will focus on the Meadow Trail, an unpaved fire road that is mostly flat although not ADA-compliant. Some wheelchair users have successfully travelled this trail, which during the dry season is relatively accessible for viewing different habitats including a large meadow. We will travel from the White Barn about a mile out into Meadow trail, to the big wooden bridge that crosses Sonoma Creek. There will be frequent stops and opportunities for conversation, photography, nature journaling, wildlife viewing, resting, etc., so bring your nature journal, camera, or binoculars, if you have them.

Tickets are $10 for general audiences, $5 for youth, students, Sugarloaf members, Sugarloaf volunteers, and free for children under 12. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sun protection, bring at least a quart of water and if desired, a snack.

Ease of access: There is van-designated accessible parking at the White Barn, as well as an accessible porta-potty. If you use a manual wheelchair, please contact us after signing up to arrange parking closer to the trailhead. Recumbent bicycles are welcome!


[Español abajo]

Session 1: June 12-16
Session 2: June 26-30
Session 3: July 17-21
Session 4: July 31-August 4
Camps run from 9:00 am-3:00 pm for all sessions
For Ages 8-12

Join us for Creek Camps at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Traverse the headwaters of Sonoma Creek Watershed in this fun and environmental education camp. Campers will spend the week as explorers, starting off the day with morning hikes on the park’s trails. As the day warms, we’ll stay close to water, exploring the creeks in the shade of the summer heat. Activities include investigating the properties of water and learning about the wildlife and plants found in the park. Campers will experience plenty of games, hiking, and storytelling. Attendees to Creek Camps must be ages 8-12. Creek Camps are $360 for SEC members and $400 for non-members.

Creek Camp is run by Sonoma Ecology Center naturalist Jonny Ehlers. Jonny is a fourth-generation educator who began working with youth right out of high school in an after-school program in Sacramento. He later became an educator in West Sonoma County at a residential camp working with diverse populations and founded The Mycelium Project, an organization dedicated to helping kids and adults through hikes, and nature-based activities. Campers are asked to bring their own snacks and lunch.

There are 25 spots for each session of Creek Camps. Scholarships are available. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out this short form and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. For questions, please contact Tony Passantino at Tony@sonomaecologycenter.org or Jonny Ehlers at Jonny@sonomaecologycenter.org.

You may only register 1 child for 1 camp at a time. All digitally-signed waivers are due at the time of registration.

Habrá 4 sesiones disponibles: 12 a 16 de junio, 26 a 30 de junio, 17 a 21 de julio, y 31 de julio a 4 de agosto, todas de 9:00 am a 3:00 pm.
Ages 8-12

Acompañenos en campamente de arroyo en el Parque Estatal Sugarloaf Ridge. Recorreremos la cabecera del arroyo de Sonoma en este campamento de día recreacional y educativo. Los participantes pasarán la semana como exploradores, empezando el día con caminatas en los senderos del parque. Conforme el día se torna caluroso, nos mantendremos cerca del arroyo, explorando en la sombra del calor veranero. Actividades incluyen investigación de las propiedades del agua y aprender acerca de la vida silvestre y las plantas en el parque. Participantes para este campamento deben ser de edades 8 a 12. Campamento de arroyo cuesta $360 para miembros de SEC o $400 si no es miembro.

El campamento del arroyo en Sugarloaf es dirigido por Jonny Ehlers, naturalista con Sonoma Ecology Center. Jonny es un educador de cuarta generación que empezó a trabajar con jóvenes en un programa postescolar en Sacramento. Mientras vivía en un campamento en el oeste del Condado de Sonoma trabajando con poblaciones diversas, fundó The Mycelium Project, una organización dedicada a ayudar a niños y adultos a través de actividades basadas en la naturaleza, como excursiones en senderos. Pedimos a los participantes que asistan preparados con sus propios bocadillos y almuerzo.

Hay cupo para 25 en el campamento de gnomo, con becas disponibles. Para solicitar una beca, por favor llene este formulario. Nos pondremos en contacto con el solicitante en uno o dos días de negocios.

Este campamento se conducirá en inglés. Sólamente se puede registrar a un (1) participante para una (1) sesión a la vez. Todos los formularios (como el consentimiento del padre para participar) deben ser llenados y firmados digitalmente a la hora de registrarse. Si tienes preguntas, o buscas más información, por favor comunícate con Tony por correo electrónico (Tony@sonomaecologycenter.org).


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Camping at Sugarloaf

Camping at Sugarloaf

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