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Mountain Biking around Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park includes 21 miles of trails available to Mountain Bikes with elevation ranges between 600 to 2,729 feet above sea level.
Sugarloaf is a mecca for those who like to climb and descend epic trails. Try these popular, year-round cycling trails:

  • Stern Road
  • Bald Mountain Road
  • Meadow Trail
  • Hillside Trail
  • Gray Pine Trail
  • High Ridge

Looking for an Epic Bike Ride?

At almost 9 miles with 2400 feet of climbing, Meadow to Gray Pine up to the top of Bald Mountain is an awessome ride with spectacular views at the summit. Continue back down along High Ridge to the Red Barn to explore the old homestead. Finally, return to Bald Mountain and down Bald Mt. Road to Stern Road to return to the park entrance.

Climbing to Bald Mountain
Who Yields on the Trail?


  • Mountain bikes may only be ridden on designated fire roads and trails.
  • Maximum speed is 15 mph.
  • If visibility is less than 50 feet, please slow to walking speed.
  • Alert trail users ahead of you of your approach.
  • Yield to Hikers and horses.