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A Mayacamas Hiking Adventure

April 20, 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Join Sonoma Ecology Center and Team Sugarloaf on April 20, 8:30 am-5:00 pm to embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sonoma County’s most pristine and breathtaking landscapes with our exclusive fundraising hike. This event will be a grand tour of the Mayacamas Mountains in the northern half of Sonoma Valley, where we will pass close to the headwaters of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Creeks. This unique adventure offers participants a rare opportunity to traverse through areas usually closed to the public, such as the recent Perry Addition to Sonoma County parks. Whether you choose the 11-mile classic route or the 17-mile epic option, you’ll be treated to a day filled with stunning vistas, challenging trails, and the camaraderie of fellow nature enthusiasts. As you navigate through rolling hills, serene creeks, and towering oaks, you’ll push your limits and contribute to a noble cause. The hike culminates in a communal barbecue dinner, where stories of the day’s journey can be shared among new friends.

This year, we have two versions:

  1. Classic Route: from the Los Alamos parking lot in Hood Mountain Regional Park to Sugarloaf’s day-use picnic area via the McCormick Addition and Bald Mountain Trail. 11 miles; 3,200 ft of elevation (bus from Sugarloaf).
  2. Epic Option: Sugarloaf’s main parking lot to Goodspeed Trail into Hood Mountain, down to the McCormick Addition and joining the rest of the group. 17 miles; 5,600 ascent. This is a rigorous hike for advanced hikers only (limited to 15 tickets).

Tickets are $95 each. Tickets include parking, shuttle transportation to Hood Mtn, snacks, drinks, and a BBQ dinner.
Underwriting Options: Help us defray the event’s costs and make it a true fundraiser. All of these options are tax deductible and include one ticket to the classic route of this hike.

Sign up today to secure your spot in this remarkable experience and help us support the preservation of Sonoma County’s natural treasures. Sponsorship opportunities are available for those looking to make an even greater impact.

  • Epic Underwriter: $5,000
  • Monumental Mover (and Shaker): $2,500
  • Peak Provider: $1000
  • Sugar Sponsor: $500


Classic Route:  Participants will arrive at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park by 8:45am, with shuttle buses departing at 9:00 am for Hood Mountain Regional Park. The hike begins at the Los Alamos parking lot, taking the Santa Rosa Creek Trail to Homestead Meadow and entering Sugarloaf via the McCormick Addition. The route ascends Quercus Trail, passes the former site of the Grandmother Oak, and stops briefly at Red Hill before continuing up Maple Glen Trail. After lunch atop ‘Hill 2530,’ hikers return to Sugarloaf via ascending Bald Mountain, concluding with a barbecue dinner in the day-use area around 3:30 pm. The journey spans roughly 11 miles and climbs 3,200 ft in elevation.

Epic Option (for advanced hikers only): Meet at Sugarloaf’s Visitor Center at 6:15 am for a 6:30 am departure via Pony Gate and Goodspeed Trails. Meet up with the group hiking from the Los Alamos parking lot at the Santa Rosa Creek crossing (in Hood Mtn Regional Park) at about 10:00 am, before entering Sugarloaf’s McCormick Addition.

Pack a lunch for the stop at Hill 2530, at least half a gallon of water and electrolytes, sun protection, and additional socks. Be prepared to walk 11 or 17 miles (depending on the route you registered for) over steep and sometimes rough terrain, with a stream crossing of minimal depth. Dress appropriately for the weather and the ticks.

Ticket sales extended to 4/19! Our regular tickets are sold out. Become a sponsor to keep Sugarloaf open to the public and get 2 tickets to this sold out event.


Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is operated by Sonoma Ecology Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. While Sugarloaf is a California State Park, we do not receive operational funding from the State. It is our visitors, donors, volunteers, and members who make it possible for us to keep Sugarloaf Ridge State Park open for the community to enjoy.

Since 2012, Sonoma Ecology Center has worked to make the park accessible and welcoming to a broader audience through community-focused programs.

Some of our programming highlights include:

  • Our Senderos Program targets the Spanish-speaking community, bringing thousands of new visitors to the park for nature events and first-time camping experiences. Learn More.
  • The Slow Journeys Program offers nature hikes and events on flat, smooth paths, ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Learn More.
  • The ParkRx Program at Sugarloaf is the nation’s most active, providing over 1,000 participants annually free access to approximately 90 activities, including fitness hiking series, yoga hikes, Tai Chi classes, and forest therapy sessions, all prescribed by medical providers. Learn more.
  • We have earned recognition as a role model in establishing impactful relationships with the local Native American tribe, the Mishewal-Wappo. Our relationship is grounded in respect, patience, and courage. Learn More.

What are the keys to our success in building vibrant and inclusive programing?

  • Deep community ties: We continuously strengthen our connections across all community sectors, enhancing our understanding of community needs and fostering collaborations with other local organizations.
  • Innovative marketing and outreach: Our multi-channel marketing strategy reaches every community member, featuring a large email list, a dynamic social media presence, collaborations with local newspapers and websites, online advertising, and partnerships with numerous local organizations and groups.
  • A Committed Volunteer Program: Many of our programs, including ParkRx and Slow Journeys, rely on a dedicated and skilled volunteer force, allowing us to offer these events at a significantly lower cost than other organizations.
  • Test-and-learn philosophy: We continuously evolve our programs through learning, modifying, and documenting, ensuring they become impactful and financially sustainable.

By supporting us, you contribute to a legacy of inclusivity, innovation, and community engagement at Sonoma Ecology Center’s management of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.